AAT (head quarter office in Austria) stablished in 1981 and it is active in design, engineering and manufacturing of biogas production systems from different sources. Project advising, project management and commissioning are main service of this company. Conceptual design and providing technical proposal is from other services.


  • Some of the main equipment’s:
    • Different digesters according to feed
    • Different type of agitators
    • Gravel filter
    • Desulphurization
    • Biogas holding tank
    • Flare
    • ….

    Agitators: Power: 15 Kw Rotating velocity: 12 rpm Certificate: ATEX       Flare: FA 50-1.800: Minimum gas pressure: 25 mbar Flammable temperature: 900 ºC DESULPHURIZATION TANK: H2S removal efficiency more than 99% Capacity: 250 to 1200 m3/h with H2S content of 10000 ppm  GAS HOOD Material: SS316

Scope of activity

AAT as the manufacturer and provider is able to propose all the necessary equipment for sludge treatment. This company will perform all the services from basic design till commissioning and operation.


  • Commissioning of new systems
  • System restoration and upgrades
  • Provide specific solutions to improve system performance
  • Transferring the experience in the field of specific knowledge
  • Providing technical advice on site by experienced staff

Properties and application

  • handling of different food
  • comprehensive services
  • compatibility with industries and standards
  • process stability
  • energy and raw material saving
  • the best in investment
  • conversion of waste to energy


  • Sludge and waste treatment à production of organic fertilizer

    Industrial waste  à production of organic fertilizer

    Agricultural waste à production of organic fertilizer

    Animal waste à production of organic fertilizer