About Us

About DBcompany

 DB Company is a group activity company with a wide range of capabilities in Engineering, Technical Services and Supplying of Equipment, Bulk Materials and Chemicals. Thanks to the experienced leaders who are separated from the different industries with excellent knowledge and effluence in their field of activities, we are already involved in the market and projects. Therefore we believe that with our first class partners with high performance cooperation we could establish our position in the market with a quite satisfying results and successes.

Our plan is to achieve most of our capabilities and potentials by making our relation with our current customers more deep and approaching the new customers who are still waiting for us. Based on our strategy, we appreciate all the customers without considering the value of their order, we respect our competitors and we believe that we shall increase our share in the market and it will not happen without decreasing their share in the market, this is not the only way to increase the market size but it is a part of it.


Our goal is to become one of the most modern Engineering – Trading companies who will innovate a new and an advanced method of business which will professionally avoid from any energy, time and investment losing. A method which will grow the company with a high speed rate based on the new/modern data collection system, stuff training, team working and taking advantage in each case and each project. We believe that each case is a different story but by recording these stories you can share your experiences with other colleagues in order to enable them to use these lessons in their new projects. In the other hand, by recording the data of the done cases and sharing your plan for the upcoming businesses with your partners, you will be able to make your principals completely aware about the market and even helping you to cover your gaps/weaknesses and as a result, you will create an always winner team.

We as DB Company, openly and warmly are ready to share our capabilities with any reliable partner in order to make a successful experiences and a great future for both parties.