Biogaz Production of Organic Wastes

Biogas Production from Municipal, Industrial, and agricultural wastes and Wastewaters

Biogas technologies have faced tremendous developments particularly over the past two decades. By the end of 2014, 12500 biogas plants from various feedstocks, e.g., municipal solid wastes and sewage sludge, have been implemented throughout the European Union.

پکیج تولید بیوگاز از پسماند آلی

Biogas can be produced via every matter if the essential criteria – the presence of digestible organic matter – is considered. In designing a biogas production plant, the type, composition, and characteristics of the feedstock play the key roles in choosing the best technology. In this case, AAT can provide a wide range of technologies in order to propose the optimum biogas production system. “Energy Globe Austria 2006″ and “USA Plant of the Year 2013” are some of the prizes that can prove the AAT’s technology performance well-enough.