Biogest AG

Biogest AG is a German company which is continually active in design and construction of waste water treatment process equipment from 1976, and in this regard has recorded different Inventions. This company supply various equipment in water and wastewater treatment field in which all of them produced under standards requirement and by using high quality materials in the Germany.


  • SBR decanter Surface aerator Flow regulator in surface water collection systems

Properties and Applications

SBR decanter: Biogest decanters have configurable for operation with different rates and features are:

  • All the mechanical equipment’s are stainless steel and have high resistance to corrosion
  • According to maximum flow design, less flow adjustable is easily possible
  • Drain the water level adjustable to different heights
  • Designed by the laws of buoyancy in the fluid and no need for electronic control system
  • lower power consumption during operation due to lack of additional electric equipment
  • Greater reliability of the system and no need for spare parts

Development and construction of wastewater treatment by SBR: SBR is an effective and efficient methods for wastewater treatment in which its advantages are decreasing size of plant and the ability of discharging the treated water with the intended flow by using SBR decanter. Also, due to the sequence of the processes of mixing, aeration and decanting to control and change the process according to the total input capacity is easily possible. Accomplished projects in Iran: SBR decanter of Hashtgerd WWTP, 6 numbers, each decanter capacity: 400 L/s SBR decanter of Mahneshan city of Zanjan WWTP