Dewatering Equipments

Thickening and dewatering of sludge by Belt thickener and Belt filter press are conventional methods of sludge volume reduction at the end of wastewater treatment process. Klein is a pioneer manufacture in this field and its productions are as follows. In this regards there is also introduced some other productions of this company.


Polymer Preparation Package

تجهیزات آبگیری لجن

Gravity Belt Thickener

تجهیزات آبگیری لجن

Dewatering system:

  • Belt Filter Press
تجهیزات آبگیری لجن
  • Screw Press
تجهیزات آبگیری لجن

Combined gravity and belt filter press

تجهیزات آبگیری لجن

Low temperature belt dryer

  • Combi-Dry with evaporation capacity of 100-150 Kg/h
  • Compact Dry with evaporation capacity of 150-700 Kg/h
  • Conti-Dryer with evaporation capacity of 500-5000 Kg/h
  • Pro-Dry with evaporation capacity of 500-6000 Kg/h
Dewatering Equipments

Properties and Application:

Some unique properties of Klein belt thickener and dewatering system

  • Steel body
  • Less polymer consumption
  • Steel mixing and dosing tank
  • Mixer with optimized energy consumption
  • Using high quality material for belt and high water separation
  • PreTested and ready to run system
  • Robust structure
  • Using 14 rollers for dewatering
  • Automatic system for washing belt
  • Automatic control unit with user panel and manually adjusting system


  • Hefei Wangtang in China, thickening and dewatering of aerated stabilized sludge(120 m3/h),2002
  • Hanau in Germany, 2 thickening unit for secondary sludge (140 m3/h), 2003