Dosing Pumps

One of the most important demand of desalination projects is dosing pumps. Alltech Company has a good experience in this field.

پمپ های تزریق

Piston Diaphragm dosing pumps

This pump is composed of a membrane connected to a piston of which the alternating movement successively fills and empties the pump head
1- The backward movement of the membrane opens the bottom check valve and allows the entry of fluid, which fills the pump-head.
2- The forward movement of the membrane closes the bottom check valve, opens the top check valve and expels the dose.
Design and manufacturing according DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


  • Pump operation control system
  • Stroke-length Positioning system
  • Input and output pulsation damper
  • Safety valves
  • Dosing valves


  • Simple and robust.
  • Low maintenance
  • For dosing a certain chemical in a certain time.
  • Capable of pumping a wide variety of fluids.


9. Discharge pressure up to 70 bar
10. Operating ratio 0- 100%
11. Flowrate up to 4000 L/hr
12. Fully automatic operation