LIT Founded in 1991. LIT is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of UV systems for disinfection of water, air, surface. The company has research and production facilities in Erfurt, Germany and Russia is Moscow, The company’s focus on research in the UV disinfection systems in different industries. LIT offers UV disinfection systems for a wide range of natural and industrial water, wastewater and other applications with capacities from 1 to 10,000 cubic meters per hour per unit.

UV Products

  • UV systems in open channels
  • UV systems in pressurized channels

Characteristics and applications

UV Technology The source of pressure in low pressure or medium pressure UV lamps with low or high intensity.  The lamps designed by LIT is LPHO lamps (low pressure -high intensity) with the wavelength of is 254 nm UV application

  • Potable water
  • Wastewater
  • Swimming pools and Water parks
  • Recycling Water
  • Industry
  • Aquaculture
  • Agriculture and city parks

Advantage of Low Pressure lamps(Amalgam)

    • Low Temperature in Lamp Surface: Amalgam lamp technology reaches it optimum UV-c performance at approximate 90 , where Medium pressure lamp technology operates at temperature around 800-900 . There for high energy is lost and in some cases this may break the lamp. Also the high temperature cases the amount of organic material deposited on the surface of lamps that reduces the UV intensity and For this reason a continuous cleaning process should be considered for lamps that complicate the operation.
    • High efficiency of UV in each lamps : Efficiency of LPHO lamps is about 35%
    • Amalgam lamps contain no free/ liquid mercury: however in case of lamps breakage ( however the probability is too low ), so no toxic mercury can get into the water system. so it is not necessary to consider automatic equipment for failing of system.
    • High Lifetime for lamps: Amalgam life time between 12000-16000 hours
    • Improbability of Algae in reactor: The light spectrum produced in the amalgam lamps (low pressure -high intensity) is 254 nm. While in medium pressure lamps are caused by different wavelengths and Sometimes cause algae in reactor that creating problem in operation

    According to the flow in open channel or pressurized system we have four kind of design: DUV, MLP, MLV


WTP in Austria

Capacity: 600000 m3/day

WWTP in Russia (Moscow)

Capacity: 3125000 m3/day

WWTP in France

Capacity: 21600 m3/day

WWTP in South Korea

Capacity: 120000 m3/day