In 1970, the Italian company SPRIANO (founded in 1993) succeeded in launching a complete Mec-Rela control valve production line in the name of MEC-RELA after half a century research and development in the field of instrumentation.


Mec-Rela is a globe-type valve that has more precision in control over a ball valve and butterfly valve and can be used at higher working pressures in the DIN standard. Mec-Rela valves can be used in steel, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas, power plant and marine applications.


The advantages of the Mec-Rela control valves include the functionality of these valves at very high or very low temperatures (cryogenic), which has proved its functionality in the steel and other industries. Other benefits of Mec-Rela include the company’s specific gauges for eliminating the destructive effects of fluid in the control valve, such as cavitation, noise, vibration, etc.


Mec-Rela has carried out projects in Iran with customers such as Research Institute of Petroleum Industry ,Kala Naft Tehran Abadan Refinery and Hormozgan Steel Company.