Microbial Desulfurization

microbial desulfurization

Hydrogen sulfide and siloxane related problems in biogas production plants lead to the implementation of desulfurization unit. Among different available desulfurization technologies of AAT, its microbial desulfurization benefits a high H2S removal capacity so that it can remove up to 99% of the content. Its operation is based on the contact between the inlet H2S-rich biogas and the aerobic bacteria attached to the packing (PP pall ring). The bacteria-rich packing is continuously fed by an organic solution containing the needed elements for the operation of bacteria together with a process water to control the drops in PH, caused by H2SO4. The packing is maintained at a constant temperature by the help of a heat exchanger, regarding the optimum range for the bacteria. In the outlet, the H2S concentration can be lowered by about 50 ppm.