Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions

MITSUBIHI CHEMICAL (foundation 1952, Tokyo) is one of the leading companies in which producing hollow fiber membrane. This company has accomplished over 4000 MBR system all over the world. This membrane called STERAPORE has being used in lots of industrial, municipal and rural WWTPs because of their low footprint and high efficiency specifications. Also this membranes are using in chemical, electrical, pharmaceutical, paper and food industrial and hospitals and hotels.


  • Hollow fiber membranes
  • Modules supports

Characteristics and Applications

Space saving, high quality of treated water and ease of maintenance are unique properties of this MBR system. Appling this MBR system will reduce footprint to 1/3 space that have being used in conventional methods. MBR can treat a sludge that is 5 times thicker compared to conventional methods. For this reason it can treat more water even with smaller biological tank.


Hollow fiber specification:

  • Fineness: 0.05 micron
  • Mechanism: Out-In

Performance mechanism:

7 minute filtration and 1 minute relaxation is required then back wash is not necessary.

Influent limitation of MBR:

  • Screens with meshes less than 1 mm should use before MBR
  • N-hexane should not be more than 150 ppm in oily wastewater
  • Silicon anti foams should not been used


  • Electronics industry wastewater treatment plant in Vietnam, capacity: 500m3/day, 2012
  • High COD effluent treatment at a chemical plant, capaity:700m3/day, 2012
  • Industrial WWTP upgrade in Japan, capacity: 2,000m3/day m3/day, 2013
  • Petrochemical plant wastewater recycling, capacity: 6,000m3/day, 2012
  • Sewage treatment plant in Korea, capacity: 30,000m3/d, 2008
  • Industrial water recycling plant in Japan, capacity: 720 m3/day, 2010
  • Domestic Sewage treatment plant in Japan, capacity: 420 m3/day, 2011