Since1888, Pieralisi started manufacturing for various fields of industry in Italy. Following points are noteworthy about Pieralisi industrial group:
– This company owning 17 manufacturing facilities and sales offices (97,000 m2 and 650 employees) is consisting of two main sectors of industrial separation and olive oil extraction packages.
– More than 40,000 installed units around the world
– 25 in-house patents
– More than 140 million euros Turnover

Main Products

Centrifuge Decanter Decanter is able to separating particles with different densities especially suspended solids in 2-phase (liquid-solid) and 3-phase (liquid-liquid-solid) mixtures. Features

  • Ability to work with mixtures including oil
  • Reducing water consumption since the machine does not need to continues back wash (comparing with other separation methods)
  • No need to chemical washing
  • Constant output concentration regardless of major changing of input concentration (thanks to the torque balancing Sys.)
  • No need to odor removal units.
  • Capacity range from 2,500 to 180,000 liters per hour (5.5 to 250 KW)
  • Less required footprint
  • Less human force is needed for supervision during operation
  • Concentration of output cake up to 25%

Centrifugal Separator Separation by centrifugation method for purification of immiscible liquids (emulsion) is a great and affordable alternative for filtration and microfiltration methods. Using this system will result in increasing the separation rate by 10,000 times compared to conventional gravitational methods. By using this system after a decanter centrifuge, higher capture rates (up to 95%) can be achieved in the output cake.   Pasteurization Package Pieralisi Milk pasteurizer units are designed and manufactured with unique technology for milk pasteurization with capacities from 1000 to 10,000 liters per hour.   Slop oil treatment units: A complete package for slop oil treatment typically including the following components: Sludge Pumping units, Filtration units, Heat recovery unit, preliminary separation with centrifugal decanter, primary separation of oil-liquid by vertical separator, polymer preparation and dosing units, electrical and control panel. These packages are used for the separation purpose of two or more phases with different specific gravity, particularly for the clarification of liquids up to 95% output purification. The main application of these packages is defined in oil and gas and petrochemical industries for the separation of different specific gravity of oily liquids and lubricants containing suspended solids.   Olive oil production package: Pieralisi is leading company in manufacturing of olive oil extraction lines including leaves removal machine, olives washing machine, pulping and kneading, olive oil extraction by centrifugal decanter, olive oil purification by centrifugal separator.

Products Application

Food and Beverage, Petrochemical, oil Industrial and biological waste treatment plants Mineral industries Organic and inorganic industries Polymer production units