Pressurized Ultra Filtration

Treating sea water:

Conventionally sand filtration used as a pretreatment of sea water desalination plant :

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Sand filtration main disadvantageous are as follows;

  •  Limited fine filtering capabilities
  • High dosing of coagulants required for efficient filtration
  •  Poor rejection of bacteria and viruses
  • Large footprint
  • Operation difficult to adapt to varying feed water qualities
  • Filtrate water quality varies with feed water quality
  • High organic fouling on RO membranes

Nowadays to overcome this challenges ultrafiltration method has been introduced:

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Some benefits of ultrafiltration are as follows:

  • Surface filtration -> no breakthrough possible
  • Pore Size: 0.02
  • Rejection: bacteria > 6 log, virus > 4 log
  • High Filtrate quality
  • Small trans membrane pressure (TMP)
  • Low dosing of coagulants required
  • Low footprint
  • Operation easily adaptable for varying feed water qualities

The biggest UF application is The plant located in Jamnagar, Gujarat State. And is designed to supply the refinery complex with up to 18750 m3/h of process water.
The piloting confirmed that T-Rack 3.0 ultrafiltation modules could meet the very ambitious targets in terms of process stability, filtrate quality and yield, especially during monsoon period.
Scope of supply by INGE


  • 4092UF modules including 33 T-Rack 3.0
  • Piloting 6 month
  • Engineering support
  • Assembly supervision
  • Supervision of commissioning and start –up
  • Training

China’s first, large-scale potable water desalination plant

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Generate 4583 m3/h of UF filtrate from seawater to supply RO


Feed water temperature from sub-0 to 32

Construction in only 18 months

Zero discharge policy in Bohai Bai

  • 1536 modules
  • Operated at flux 60 lmh

Challenge inge
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