Trash Rack Cleaning Sysems

Screens and trash rack cleaning systems:

1. Vertical and horizontal trash rack:

With length of 0.5 to 100 m. and depth up to 100 m and mesh size 2 to 100 mm.

2. Drum Screen:

Drum screen with it’s low speed rotation (0.3 RPM) not only prevent debris to enter the intakes but also prevent the same for fishes and reduce necessity of the fine and coarse screens.

3. Traveling Band Screen:

With it’s vertical rotation from bottom to top of the channel can remove debris from the stream line.

Hydro mechanical equipment:

To remove debris in all applications of WWTP, Dams and etc. with types of manual, semi-Automatic and full automatic as below:

– Catronic and hydronic types.

  • Full automatic types with cable and hydraulic arms.
  • More than 120 m in depth.
  • More than 20 ton of weights.

Fish protection technology:

Due to new policies from environment organization for fish protection, Muhr Co. can suggest innovative solution for this application.
This solution includes fish monitoring, optimization of conventional screening systems, screen drum unit, horizontal screens.

For intakes applications:

In applications of cooling water intakes, process water conditioning water power and etc. in petrochemical industries Refineries, power plants, Muhr Co. can bring a proper solution to have a high quality process water.