SCHUNEMANN (SAB) Company has activated with over 75 years experience in design and manufacture valves and filters, including Self Cleaning Filters. This filter is used to remove suspended particles of waste. The unique design of the filter size and material according to the requirements of various projects, is the ability of the company.


Manual and automatic filters with different applications:

  • F450 and F480 with different capacity and ability to separation of particles with different diameter
  • Filter control system compatible with local control network and ability to storage of many years data
  • Filters with different materials ( carbon steel, stainless steel, GRP, titanium and…) according to ASME/DIN ISO/BS

Characteristics and applications

APLICATION OF Self Cleaning filter

  • Oil & gas industry
  • Chemical industry PIC 11
  • Power industry
  • Marine industry
  • Water and wastewater treatment

Exclusive properties of Self Cleaning Filter  

  • The ability to separate particles with size of 10 microns and above.
  • Cover a wide range of fluid flow ( 2-45000 m3/h)
  • Ability to design vertically and horizontally according to project requirements
  • Applicability in a wide range of operating pressures
  • Special design for sea water

References of SAB in the world

  • process: firefighting system
  • Application : Protecting Jockey Pumps
  • Capacity : 950 m3/hours

Process : desalination unit Application : pre- treatment of RO and UF Capacity: 2500 m3/hours   Process : Refinery Application: sea water cooling water   Capacity: 12500 m3/hours

  • Process : power plant
  • Application : Cooling water
  • Capacity: 500 m3/hours