Self Cleaning Filter

Product Specification

Self cleaning filters can remove suspended particles from low viscosity fluids. Its compact and flexible design can reduce considerable amount of footprint. Therefore they are applicable in ships and submarines. Also SAB can design in every specific condition adaptable to unique unit.
Filtration is continuous and there is no need to side filter during washing operation. Due to Bernoulli principal during washing, there is a minimum water waste ( 99% efficiency)


Washing mechanism are as follows:

1- During normal filtration, dirt particles accumulate from top to bottom on the inside of the filter insert according to fluid mechanical laws, when the set time or differential pressure reached the particle drainage valve will open

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2- In second phase a after the valve opens the flushing disc moves into the filter sieve without touching it. The outer diameter of the disc is smaller than the inner diameter of the sieve.The flow velocity increases within the gap between flushing disc and strainer. This causes a decrease of pressure between them.  Dirt particles are sucked out of the filter element

Model F450 :

• Capacity 2-5000 mch
• Mesh size:150 micron t0 50 mm
• Operation pressure 1-25 bar
• For more information, please refer to catalog and data sheet

Model F480:

• Capacity: 220-45000 mch
• Mesh size: 40 micron- 50mm
• For more information, please refer to catalog and data sheet


Model F450 as a ultrafiltration pretreatment in ship
Capacity:350 mch
Mesh size: 100 micron
Operation pressure: 14.5 bar
Model F480 as a RO pretreatment in LNG ship container
Capacity:8500 mch
Mesh size: 800 micron
Operation pressure: 14.5 bar