Thermal Hydrolysis Pretreatment

CAMBI is one of the largest pioneers in construction of biogas power plant at the world. Cambi with Thermal Hydrolysis Process is principal at design construct and operation of the biogas power plant in all over the world. Cambi-THP already has the most implemented project using thermal hydrolysis technology in the world.

Thermal Hydrolysis Pretreatment

Characteristics and applications:

Cambi-THP with applying thermal hydrolysis technology provides considerable increase in anaerobic digestion process efficiency. Since  Cambi’s practical implementation of this technology. process is able to use wide range of organic waste include : the sludge from municipal and industrial water treatment plants, animal wastes, and waste from agriculture products, to generate high quality biogas and organic compost.


In the picture unique advantages of the Cambi-THP is showed.


In 1991 , first biogas power plant using thermal hydrolysis technology established by the CAMBI which still is under operation. Now the process has been applied in 16 countries and 54 biogas plant worldwide. Total installed capacity is more than 1400000 tonnes dry solids/ year.

Some of the main pojects are as follows:

First project by CAMBI at Chertsey- timeswater CO.,
Design capacity( tonnes dry solids/ year) : 9600
Date of operation:1991
WWTP in Washington- DC Water CO.
Design capacity( tonnes dry solids/ year) : 130000
Date of operation: 2014
هیدرولیز حرارتی
WWTP in Beijing-China
Design capacity( tonnes dry solids/ year) : 65700
Date of operation: 2016
WWTP in Jurong –Singapore
Design capacity( tonnes dry solids/ year) : 19000
Date of operation: under construction.