AAT – head quarter office in Austria – founded in 1992: (Since 1981 with employee know-how) is a technology leader in the digestion of a broad range of organic materials, i.e., from the energy crops to various types of wastewaters, together with the relevant technologies for the extraction of the maximum amount of energy. AAT is not only well-known for its state-of-the-art biogas plants, but also for successful operation of these during their entire lifespan. More than 1000 biogas plants built and operating in more than 30 countries verify AAT’s success; the result of 30 years of experience and on-going in-house research and developed by highly motivated staff. Low operating costs, service, and maintenance costs coupled with high availability are the main design targets for each individual AAT biogas plant, achieved by focusing on the customer’s specific demands and input material requirements, supported by reliable in-house developed components and hands-on technologies together with profound know-how and efficient service. An excellent example of the application of such expertise may be found in the AAT-designed maintenance-free digester. The company has also been introduced as one the turnkey biogas system providers by the German Biogas Association. Moreover, AAT was awarded “Energy Globe Austria 2006” and “USA Sustainable Plant of the Year 2013.”

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 Equipment of a Biogas Plant

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