INGE headquartered in Greifenberg, Germany -was founded in 2000 and Specialized in production of Ultra Filtration systems that became a part of the BASF group’s water solutions business unit in 2011. Actually, Inge produce Chemical raw material for fiber production under the BASF.

The company offers modern solutions to reduce space used by modules and the use of membranes with high strength, balance between construction costs and product quality tries. Thank to it’s PESm material the fiber pore size is 20 nm, therefore filtrate water has no bacteria and more than 95% of viruses will be rejected.

Inge has more than 800 large scale projects in all over the world.


• Ultrafiltration membrane
• Module
• T-Rack

Scope of supply by INGE:

• Equipments
• Ultrafiltarion modules And T-Rack
• Piloting
• Engineering support
• Assembly supervision
• Supervision of commissioning and start –up
• training


Inge UF technology is based on In-to-Out filtration with pressurized modules, utilizing modified Polyethersulfon (PES) as membrane material. With a pore size of approximately 0.02 µm PES membranes offer real UF and the patented Multibore setup combines 7 capillaries into one fiber for highest mechanical strength and excellent cleaning properties. The UF cleaning process is easy to operate. With an integrated control unit running the entire UF process including filtration, cleaning and backwash stages, the cleaning procedures are most efficient with high backwash flux rates, minimum application of cleaning agents and no need for air scouring. Thus, In-to-Out UF systems support sustainability with minimized energy and chemical consumption.

Nowadays worldwide trend is to change Out-to-In configuration to In-to-Out filtration mode.

Application :

• Pretreatment of sea water desalination plant
• Water and waste water treatment
• Power plant waste water treatment
• Petrochemical and oil refinery waste water