Liquid and Gas Chlorination

disinfection has been one of the most important advances of humans in protecting public health. The history of disinfection goes back to the late 19th century as a method for water treatment. Disinfection is generally the final step in the water reuse cycle. Since disinfection is the last barrier against pathogenic microorganisms, its effect is an important factor in protecting public health. Disinfection has great importance in terms of preventing microbial growth during water network. With this regards, Alltech company manufacture chlorine dosing systems as well as other chemical products dosing systems with below specifications:

Chlorination packages

Alltech company is capable of providing gas chlorination system along with all necessary safety equipment as following:

  • Chlorine dosing control system
  • Evaporator
  • Automatically operated chlorine neutralizing system
  • Change over system
  • Automatic chlorinators with vertical or wall-mounted installation capability.
  • Complete personal protection facilities such as eye washers, showers and safety suites.
  • Safety filters for chlorine gas

Liquid chlorination:

Regarding the dangers of chlorine gas, and also considering the importance of microbial protection of water during water transportation network, liquid chlorination could be used as an alternative. In this regard, Alltech Co. is capable of providing a complete liquid chlorination package with all necessary equipment, such as a tank, mixer, injection pump, analyzer and more.