Introduction :

Manufacturing of Hydro & Bulk & mixing equipment for various industries is of one of the most important activities of Muhr Company. The company, having 50 design engineers is capable of providing innovative solutions for various industries, including hydro mechanical equipment, screening system, fish protection, loading systems, mixers and Railcar dumping systems.



سیستم های آشغالگیر

Trash Screen and Trash Rack Systems

Muhr company is one of the pioneer manufacturers of screening equipment used in dams, power plants and water and wastewater treatment plants.
These screens fall into three categories:

• Vertical and horizontal screens: Muhr screens are available from 0.5 to 100 meters in length, working depths up to 100 meters and mesh sizes range from 2 to 100 mm.
• Drum screen: With a rotational speed (one third rpm) and installation in a perpendicular direction over the flow of water, prevents entering of particles into the water intake, which may reduce the requirement of other equipment (fine and coarse screens) and also protects fish by hindering from their entrance to water intake.
• Traveling Band Screen: Moves perpendicular to the flow direction in the canal and separates the screenings during rotation.

Hydro Mechanical Equipment

Hydro mechanical equipment with manual, semi-automatic and automatic control for all trash rack applications in refineries and dams which are used in the following two categories

Catronic and Hydronic Systems:

Fully automatic system to be used by cable and hydraulic arms
Capable of work in depth of more than 120 meters
Loading capacity: more than 20 tons
Catronic and hydronic systems:

Screen and Trash Rack Cleaning Systems Using in Water Intakes

With regards to the growing need of the petrochemical industries, power plants and Refineries to process water, the durable and high quality equipment of Muhr company can be a good solution for use in the process of screening in order to achieve a high quality water in such complexes.

Fish Protection Equipment

In recent years, fish protection equipment is increasingly focused for optimization projects and environmental protection organizations. Regardless of whether these projects are new builds or systems optimization, Muhr offers creative and unique solutions.
This equipment includes fish transfer and monitoring systems, optimizing conventional screen systems, cylindrical screen systems and horizontal screen system.


• The company has more than 2,000 trash screen and trash rack systems installed worldwide, including the world’s largest trash racks in Muskrat Falls, Canada.

Applications and Features:

• Use of trash screen, trash rack and fish protection systems in dams, water and wastewater treatment plants, water intake of petrochemicals, power plants and refineries.