Neuros company was founded in 2000 by aerospace engineers as the competitive global leading company in the field of turbo machinery and relevant technology. Neuros company could produce their NX series of turbo blower in 2004 and started to manufacture of NX-series as the main product.

The company with 2500 installation of his productions at 18 countries around the world which 670 numbers are located in the North American countries, makes Neuros as the most experienced company in production of turbo blowers.

Neuros company by contribution with USA space agency NASA, has produced the most advanced generation of Air Bearing technology for his turbo blowers which was used only in jet aircraft before.


Turbo Blower NX Series

• Inlet flow rate: 9 to 532 m3/min
• Outlet pressure: 0.3 to 1.0 Bar
• Turn down ratio: 45 %

Technical Specification of Motor :
•Output Power: 30 ~ 330 hp
•Efficiency 95 %
• Number of Poles: 2
•Insulation Class: H Class
•Cooling: Air (water-cooling is optional)


• Contactless operation of bearing with no friction by using air bearings.
• Rotational speed 10,000 to 100,000 rpm
• 70 % lower maintenance cost comparing with positive displacement blowers.
• No need to foundation and a 50% reduction of installation costs
• Reduction in electrical consumption by 50% comparing with positive displacement blowers.
• 55% lower foot print comparing with positive displacement blowers.
•Compliance with ISO5389, ASME PTC 10
•100% Oil-Free operation.
•High efficiency up to 75%
•Low noise level under 85 dB(A) and very low vibration
•Better performance in hot areas thanks to the lower outlet temperature.


• Water and wastewater treatment plants (especially the aeration systems)
• Transfer of bulk materials
• Textile Industry
• Sulfur removal
•Fermentation and mixing Industries
• Carbon black production
• Air supply for furnaces