Pasteurization & Milk Clarifier

1- Pasteurization:

Pasteurization is a thermal treatment where milk is kept at 72°C. for 30 seconds. The main goal is the destruction of pathogens and 90% of common flora as well as an increase of performance in the production. The Pieralisi milk pasteurizing systems have been specially designed and manufactured to meet the needs of customers processing from 1,000 to 10,000 l/h of milk for food or industrial use.

2- Milk clarifier

– Centrifugal clarifier is capable of separating solid particles from liquid phase. This action is done by a two-phase centrifuge separator (solid-liquid) that can remove most types of stem cells and Coliforms. The capacity of this machine is from 3000 l / h to 28,000 l / h. This machine is equipped with a feed regulating system, an operational water supply system, PLC and an automatic chemical washing system. Motor protection grade is IP55 and the motor has a protective coating made of stainless steel.

3- Milk separator (SV series):

Centrifugal separators are capable of removing fat from milk and has the capacity of 500l/h to 8000 l/h in terms of producing fat-free milk.

4- Milk separator (MCS series):

Three-phase separators (liquid-liquid-solid) have the ability to separate solids and fat from milk. This machine is equipped with automatic chemical washing system. The protection class of the motor is IP55 and the protective coating of the motor is made of stainless steel. It is also equipped with a fat stabilization kit.