Petroleum Industry Valcom Instruments

Multiphase flows are the most common flow occurrences in nature. Around the world, research into multiphase flow is performed by scientists with hugely diverse backgrounds. Valcom, in cooperation with different university departments in Italy and abroad is offering a large number of solutions to one of the greatest challenges of Oil & Gas industry through measuring and controlling its presence and preventing any possible unsafe event. Reliable multiphase flow meters, due to complexity of the fluid flow in drilling and production industries, need an improved measurement concept. Multiphase flow or different mud types as oil mud or water based mud, as well as the presence of additives, cuttings, vibrations and other issues have to be considered when selecting a flow meter. We are able to offer new solutions by innovating conventional well known meters with updated algorithms tested in real conditions, which bring to higher efficiency and enhanced performances to monitor each single well in real time in order to optimize the well and reservoir productions.