Bulk Loading Systems

Since the loading of powdered materials requires expertise and the design of the loading system is subject to project conditions, Muhr Company, through the modular design of these systems, has been able to fully meet customer needs by utilizing its design experience. Accordingly, the loading systems of this company have the ability to work with different sizes of powdered materials from ash to zinc oxide.

Features and applications:


Chemical, petrochemical, food, salt, mining, fertilizers, cement etc…

1- closed loading systems

These systems are made in two types of pneumatic (MVS) and plastic crater (MBG), which prevents generation of dust during loading time (dust-free system). In (MVS) series, this feature is possible thanks to pneumonic sealing in the system opening and in (MSG) series it is possible through using two-layer plastic with thicknesses of 18 mm and 3 mm.

1-1- Features:

  • Ability to prevent dust
  • Eco-friendliness, improving employee’s health and also ease of loading
  • Reducing the cost of separation and filtration of outlet air from the loading tank through reducing the air flow rate
  • Low operating costs and high product quality
  • Ability to build standard size crates (diameter of 390-500 mm) and also special sizes (400-290 mm)

2- Open loading systems:

These types of systems are used for loading open wagons, open containers, loading ships, etc., which are built in two different types and buildings, and have the capacity of loading up to 1000 m3/h and loading height up to 30 meters for powdered materials or sand.

1-2- MBO:

the (MBO) type with exterior bellows is suitable for loading of powdered materials having very high dust content.

 1-1-2- Features:

  • Variety in construction of the loading craters and the materials used in it results in cost-effective loading systems
  • Reducing components that are subject to wear and use of high quality steel will reduce operating costs.
  • Less dust generation compared to traditional loading systems

2-2- MBO_T

Type (MBO_T) which has a telescopic tube for appropriate loading of coarse aggregates, produce less dust during loading.

  • Variety in construction thanks to modular structure
  • High production quality and utilizing high quality materials for construction
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Ability to increase the capacity of system by making minor changes to the building system loading

2-2-1- General features:

– Among the excellence of Muhr’s products is the ability to build hybrid systems, which is due to the changeability of product structure. The MVS10 and MBG10 series are good samples of these combined systems, which reduce generation of dust caused by loading in open systems with the use of dust hoods that eventually lessen the operating costs.


Other features of the Muhr design are the ability to fabricate steel telescopic tubes (MVS-TD series) having a perfectly polished surface appropriate for loading toxic or sensitive material requiring the full discharge of the loading material from the loading bay. This feature has great value in terms of draining several different materials that are not aimed to be blended by the accumulation of materials at the conventional casing pipes.

– Muhr company has the ability to build parallel loading systems from a silo causing an increase in loading speed and also is suitable for unmovable containers and wagons which are out not loading.

Another unique design of the Muhr company is the ability to build portable loading systems with chassis and complete control systems. Also, these designs allow the loading of various silos using only one loading system.

Muhr company also has the ability to add weight controlling systems to its products.



  1. Lifting systems for nozzle in three wired automatic modes – wired manual – pneumatic
  2. Loading nozzles in various sizes and shapes
  3. System for preventing existion of materials at the end of loading
  4. trembling device for removing materials clinging to conical part
  5. controlling sensor for indicating level of loaded products
  6. Continuous filtration system for separating materials from exhaust air in order to reduce initial operating costs
  7. Designing a mixing system for loading of materials having different weights
  8. use of distributor of loaded material inside the container which causes loading capacity up to 30%