Spaans Babcock



This company has been active in manufacturing water and wastewater equipment for more than 100 years, and with more than 25 Million Euro annual turnover and 145 employee and more than 35000 references all over the world. This company can produce Archimedean screw pump with flow from 15 L/s till 11 m3/s. Quality has always been the main priority of this company and its results are visible in customers’ satisfaction from their installed equipment.


Archimedean Screw Pumps

– Capability of manufacturing pumps with diameter up to 5 meters and capacity up to 38,000 cubic meters per hour
– The pumps are provided in two types of wall-mounted and floor-mounted, however, it is worth mentioning that due to numerous reasons such as easier installation, maintenance, replacement and periodic inspections the floor-mounted type is strongly recommended by Spaans Babcock.
– Possible to be manufactured with 2, 3 or 4 flights. It is obvious however that the higher the number of the flights is, the higher efficiency and lower operation costs of the pump will be achieved, using at least 3 flights is recommended by Spaans Babcock.
– Installation angle: Installation angle can be between 22 to 40 degrees, of which 30, 35 and 38-degree angles are standardized by Spaans Babcock.
– Possible to be installed inside a trough which has three types of concrete trough, pre-assembled steel trough and also the full package.

Hydro Power Screw Generator

This generator is of screw type and is capable of generating 500 KW power by using the energy of running water with the following specifications:

– Flow rates of up to 15,000 liters per second
– Water head up to 10 meters
– Urban power grid connection capability
– Installation angle between 30 to 38 degrees
– Capability of being installed on the riverbed allowing 98% of aquatic animals to pass through it unharmed.

Screw Generator Application

This system can be installed at the following situations:

– At the entrance of wastewater treatment plants where usually wastewater enters through a steep path.
– Riverbeds
– At the input and output of pools (agriculture, pisciculture, …)
– Water transfer channels

Archimedean Screw Pumps Application

In general, this type of pumps is a much better choice compared to centrifugal pumps for wastewater transfer at wastewater treatment plants due to the following reasons:

– High efficiency: efficiency of these pumps is approximately 75% and due to its specific design if the flow decreases from 100 to 40 unlike other types of pumps its efficiency will remain unchanged.
– No need for a special foundation.
– Easy repair and maintenance (due to low rotation speed and ECO type bearing).
– No need for screens at the pump entry and not sensitive to size of particles in the wastewater.
– Operative at dry mode (zero flow)

ECO type Bearing :

One of the key parts of a screw pump is the lower bearing which not only resists against the high stress due to rotation and weight of the pump but also due to being submerged in wastewater it is impossible to be carefully inspected on a daily basis. Therefore, Spaans Babcock in collaboration with SKF company have invented and employed the ECO type bearings, which have the following features:

  • These bearings do not need grease pumps or daily inspection while working
  • No need for replacement (at least 20 years of continuous operation)
  • It is worth mentioning that rival companies have tried hard to manufacture similar bearings but failures of their products have imposed heavy costs to their end-users.


– Installation of more than 30,000 pumps, all under operation.
– Manufacturing and installation of one of the biggest pumps in Los Angeles with a diameter of 3800 mm (capacity of each pump 19764 m3/h)