Founded in 1923 by Guido Spriano, a pioneer of industrial instrumentation, SPRIANO® (Subsidiary of TERRANOVA® INSTRUMENT) began his activity manufacturing pressure and temperature gauges. In 1936 SPRIANO® has been the first company in Italy to manufacture a modulating pneumatic controller, contributing a consistent technical improvement to Industrial Automation and Control in various industries. During the 80’s, SPRIANO® completed its technological transfer from pneumatics to electronics by developing a complete line of innovative instruments, the 2-wire system and microprocessor-based electronics with both transmission and control function, thus providing a complete process monitoring system to the end user. ISO9001, ATEX and PED certifications guarantee the products to be compliant with the up-to-date technical standards. Spriano products are available in standard (Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel) and special alloys (Hastelloy C, Duplex, Superduplex, Titanium, Inconel, etc.). Solutions for high temperatures and cryogenic applications are also available. For more information, have a tour on www.spriano.it.