Submerged Ultra Filtration

Tertiary Sewage treatment

The biggest advantage of ultrafiltration is that the treated water is uniform in water quality regardless of the level of raw pollution. Ultrafiltration is not dependent on the external factor, which means that it can provide water of constant quality.

The main results of using ultrafiltration (UF) include:

  • • Reduced TSS or the same solid particles suspended.
  • • Reduce the turbidity and color of water or wastewater.
  • • Eliminate microbial agents and viruses.

The use of submerged ultrafiltration has the following advantages:

  • • Refined water is of high quality for reuse or discharge and its output is suitable for RO feed water.
  • • Simple design and compact size can be used to upgrade and reduce the size of the existing treatment plant.
  • • The risk is less against the changes in the quality of water entering and entering the sludge. As a result, operating costs are reduced.
    The ultrafiltration process is a final purification step for the removal of suspended particulates and bacteria and reducing organic matter. Schematic Process:
اولترا فیلتر غوطه ور

Purposes of pre-treatment of water in reverse osmosis system

One of the most important adverse events occurring in reverse osmosis systems is membrane fouling.
Fouling means clinging materials such as mud, clay, sand, suspended solids, biological sludge, algae, silica, iron clusters comes into existence on the membrane surface.
The “fouling” phenomenon usually occurs in the primitive membranes of the first stage of the reverse osmosis system and gradually extends to the subsequent membranes. :

اولترا فیلتر غوطه ور
اولترا فیلتر غوطه ور

The Hollow Fiber Ultrafilter membranes manufactured by MITSUBISHI, called STERAPORETM (The material is PVDF with a pore size of 0.05 micrometers).

Their unique features:

  • Long operating life (up to 15 years)
  • Energy Saving: 30% less energy consumption
  • Simple and easy to design, based on the required amount
  • Suitable for design with variable quality waste water inputs
  • Performance stability at high turbidity (maximum 100NTU).
    The ordinary output quality of the Mitsubishi submerged ultrafilter membrane is described in the following table:
The quality of the outlet water
TSS <2 mg/l
Turbidity <0.1 NTU
SDI <2

The Mitsubishi manufacturing membranes are Hollow Fiber, which occupy less space than plate membranes.

اولترا فیلتر غوطه ور

and in accordance with the needs of the employer in a variety of sizes.

اولترا فیلتر غوطه ور

One of the projects for wastewater treatment that accomplished by MITSUBISHI is as follow:
Wuxi Xincheng Wastewater Treatment Plant
Location of project: Jiangsu Province, China
Capacity: 30,000m3 / day
Application: 30% wastewater and 70% industrial wastewater
Year of start of the project: 2011
Product: STERAPORETM 5000

Petrochemical Plant Waste Recovery
Location of project: Ningbo, China
Capacity: 6,000m3 / day
Year of start of the project: 2012
Product: STERAPORETM 5000